Rethinking What’s Possible Workshop

7535790724_bed6518ab6_oRegister for our Rethinking What’s Possible workshop by sending an email to us with your name and address details.

For the first time in New Zealand, The Hunger Project will be launching our unique learning experience – Rethinking What’s Possible.

The Rethinking What’s Possible workshop is a 2 hour experience that brings the village classroom to you in New Zealand creating a learning environment that is both powerful and profound.

The workshop is an interactive session which will challenge you to identify what is holding you back from achieving what you want to. You will discover how The Hunger Project works with individuals who are literally transforming their futures and that of their villages with limited resources, capacities and authority. We will also invite you to consider how you might become more involved with The Hunger Project and our goal to fight hunger by 2030.

These workshops are used worldwide and hundreds of people have identified powerful opportunities to push through limitations and to achieve long term goals and ambitions.

Working in 24,000 communities in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, The Hunger Project has developed unique approaches to developing leadership and capacity in our village partners.

With all the reasons why it’s not possible – these people are finding the ways in which change is possible – and achieving amazing results.

One of the core principles of The Hunger Project is that all people are capable of amazing transformations – and that includes you!

We can sometimes get overwhelmed in the western world with our day to day issues and often don’t stop to examine the “I can’t” attitudes that creep into our daily existence. This workshop will help you to identify where you are holding yourself back and once you have identified these areas – potential to move from “I can’t” to “I can” will transform your outlook.

At the Rethinking What’s Possible workshop, we will:

  • Share the inspiring stories of our village partners
  • Recalibrate your perspective with examples of what’s possible in your life
  • Challenge your assumptions about what’s limiting your capacity
  • Explore why your mindset is key, and how entrenched beliefs can be transformed
  • Give you insights into the work of The Hunger Project and invite you to consider your role in ending hunge



Register for our Rethinking What’s Possible workshop by sending an email to us with your name and address details. Space is limited to 30 participants so get in quickly for the opportunity. There is no cost for this workshop.

July30 2016
9:30 am
Ellerslie Events Centre