By contributing to The Hunger Project you are connecting to a global community investing with others around the world to bring about the end of chronic hunger.

Take advantage of a remarkable opportunity to help break the cycle of poverty, hunger and aid-dependence by empowering women and men in their own communities to meet their needs and become self-reliant.


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How does your investment impact the communities we work in?

The info graphic below shows the impact that one woman can have on her surrounding community.


By investing in The Hunger Project and the work that we are doing to empower women in these communities, your investment will have an on-going impact in the communities that we operate. It is this leveraging impact that makes the work of The Hunger Project so impactful. In fact our small organisation has reached over 19 million people with our programmes to date.



Financial Information

The Hunger Project New Zealand is a Registered Charitable Trust AK 259727

The Hunger Project New Zealand operates on a low cost operational model.  Direct investment less operating expenses are forwarded to The Hunger Project Global Office and allocated to the Programme countries by the Global Office. For Financial information related to The Hunger Project and the financial position of the organisation, please refer to our Global Site here.