There are many issues present for people living in rural Africa. Access to clean water and limited infrastructure make life very difficult. Added to these issues are the extremes of weather – both drought and subsequent flooding – making it extremely challenging to grow and maintain a sustainable food supply.  Traditional aide programmes tend to focus on solving immediate issues but not necessarily on building the capability and capacity within these regions.

Our Epicenter Strategy in Africa unites 10,000 to 15,000 people from a cluster of villages to create a dynamic center or Epicenter. At this center people from these villages gain access to important tools in the quest for self-reliance, including education, access to health care and access to microfinance. At the heart of the Epicenter Strategy is the Vision, Commitment, Action Workshop which is used to transform what might be a resigned mindset into one that is thinking about possibility and self-reliance.

The goal of our work in Africa is to support communities in acting as agents of their own development, so they can continue to perpetuate, sustain and enhance the work begun in partnership with The Hunger Project.

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