What is an Epicentre?

The Hunger Project’s Epicenter Strategy unites 5,000 to 15,000 people in a cluster of villages to create an “epicenter,” or a dynamic center where communities are mobilized for action to meet their basic needs. This holistic strategy builds a path to sustainable self-reliance through four phases over about eight years. Individuals build the confidence to become leaders of their own development and communities come together to unlock a local capacity for change.

Download our brochure on the Epicenter Strategy: Gender-focused, Community-led Development in Rural Africa (PDF 4 MB).

The Hunger Project has mobilized more than 121 epicenter communities in eight countries in Africa. See the complete list of epicenters in Africa.

The Epicenter Strategy is integrated and holistic. It achieves synergy among programs in health (including HIV/AIDS prevention), education, adult literacy, nutrition, improved farming and food security, microfinance, water and sanitation, and building community spirit with a momentum of accomplishment involving the entire population.

It is economically sustainable. The primary resources for the strategy come from the local people themselves and by making existing local government resources more effective. Income generation is built into the strategy from the start. Within five to eight years, our epicenters require little or no financial support from The Hunger Project. They are entirely self-reliant.

The Epicenter Strategy is environmentally sustainable. People at our epicenters learn composting and small-scale, environmentally sound irrigation technologies such as drip irrigation.

In September 2005, The Hunger Project began an ambitious initiative: to demonstrate that the Epicenter Strategy can be taken to full national scale. We have undertaken our first scale up program in Ghana.

Download our brochure on the Epicenter Strategy: Gender-focused, Community-led Development in Rural Africa (PDF 4 MB).


Changes at The Hunger Project New Zealand

As you can see there are some changes happening at The Hunger Project New Zealand.

We have developed a new web site and will have a number of new activities in the market to provide opportunities for New Zealanders to engage and invest in the work of The Hunger Project as we grow our presence in New Zealand.

Many thanks to the team at Native Software who have very generously donated their time and expertise to develop our website. This will be a tool for us for many years to come in spreading the word and the work of The Hunger Project and allowing people to become involved in our work more easily. They were so easy to work with and so willing to help us get started – thanks are not enough.

Our first post is also a word of thanks to our long term and new investors. Your support of The Hunger Project has helped to drive the work of the organisation forward in our aim to end hunger by 2030. Progress is being made daily and lives are being changed through the different strategies that are in place in our programme countries. It is estimated that more than 19 million people are being reached through the programmes of The Hunger Project around the world with powerful effects. Another incredible figure is that The Hunger Give-Now-Get-Involved-775x517Project has more than 395,000 locally trained volunteers to carry out the work of changing their communities. It is this leveraging power that distinguishes The Hunger Project from other organisations.

I have personally witnessed the work in India of the local Elected Women Representatives who have participated in The Hunger Project’s training courses. Their impact is immense – electricity, sanitation, housing, widow’s pension – things that many of us take for granted but have never been available to the villages where these women live. The multiplier effect of training one woman in India is that an entire village learns more about how to plant their rice fields, an entire village is able to access electricity for the first time and an entire village has access to safe, clean water.

Stories from the epicenters in the communities in Africa where The Hunger Project operates are also powerful. Women who were once struggling with unending debt and little or no hope are able to access low interest loans, develop business plans and take their families forward into a more prosperous future. I encourage you to take the time to understand more about The Hunger Project and the work that is being done on the grassroots levels. Take a look at the global site to see the incredible stories of success and change that are taking place.

There are a  number of ways to get involved with The Hunger Project and a number of investment opportunities – send us an email now to see how you can make a difference.

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